Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekly Review #2

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to Weekly Review. This is a post I try to do every Sunday recapping what's been going on in my life and in the blog!

This week's been kind of okay. I wasn't super busy (I'm about to be though) and I wasn't super lazy either. I really kicked it into gear with this blog and I wrote up post after post, making sure I'd have something going up every day. I still haven't finished Heir of Fire, so I need to get on that if I'm going to make a review for Monday haha.

In Life:

Since it was the week after Christmas, there really wasn't anything big going on. I stayed home, did some chores, did a lot of blogging, etc. etc. I did go to work a couple of days, but now that Christmas is over the store is dead. Like a wasteland. Super dead. It was even worse on New Years.

On New Years I met with family. Since I'm Korean we have a tradition where we bow down to our elders, asking for their blessings in the oncoming year and they give us some CA-ASH. I always look forward to it, but as I'm getting older I'm starting to not qualify for the CA-ASH. Sad times are upon me.

Now that New Years is over, I'm going to be working double time for a con I'm about to attend later this month. There are still things that need to be worked out logistics wise and I actually need to think realistically about the cosplays I want to do.

In the blog:

I've posted a lot of posts this week as I've thrown myself to this blog full on. I can't wait until I start with my new ideas for this year. Hopefully it's the success I want it to be.

I just finished Heir of Fire and I'm taking a break from the Throne of Glass series for now.  Sounds a bit strange seeing that at the start of the post I said I was afraid of not finishing it. I took a break from writing this post and now as I'm finishing it, I've finished the novel haha. I've kind of binged on them. I'll be posting a list of books I aim to read this month. Once school starts, my reviews will have to whittle down to one a week. If I'm able to do more, there'll be more.

Here's a list of my posts in case you missed them!

How was your week everyone?