About Me

Name: Alexa
Age: 20
Location: Southern California, USA
Gender: Female
Cosplayer for: 2 years

Well. Now that all that formal stuff is out of the way, hi! As you see my name is Alexa and I'm a Korean-American living in Southern California. My cosplay alias is Lacey.

Currently, I'm attending community college to pursue my theatre major and costume design major. Yes, that means I hope to be on stage or on the big screen one day, but in reality I just really love being part of the process. Whether that be on stage or behind it running around like a madman, it is why I plan on also majoring in costume design. It's incredibly fun while at the same time as being incredibly exhausting, haha, but I enjoy it all the more. 

As a Cosplayer:

I'm very much into cosplay. I'm pretty recent in the community, but I've kind of been like a cosplayer since I was a kid. I just never knew that there was a term! I started a couple of years ago after I was reintroduced, I guess, to my love of anime through Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titam).  I joined a bunch of cosplayers that created "ask blogs" on Tumblr, where they cosplayed as a character and answered questions like the character for fun! Through that I kind of threw myself into the deep end of cosplay and was immediately hooked. It was a bit tough at first, since I didn't have a job and had my mom funding this incredibly expensive hobby, but now that I do have a part-time job, I find it a lot easier to fully invest in it. Currently I'm trying to work on a few costumes for Anime Expo, but with school and other things I'm not sure how well it'll turn out. I'm having a hard time with this thing called time management. While I'm stressing myself over this and it's about 95% work and stress and 5% play, I still really love what I'm doing.

I love making costumes, styling wigs, putting on new looks, etc. etc. to become a character that I love. And even though that is also fun as it is exhausting (and stressful, urg), I still continue the hobby because I've met some amazing people through it and if I'm being honest here, it's fun to get the attention once in a while ~ v ^). I'm hoping to open up my YouTube channel with cosplay and books soon. 

As a Reader:

I've read books since I was a kid and pretty much have written just as much. One day I would like to have a novel published, but it's not something that I'm super duper passionate about. I just love being creative and creating new worlds. It's just a fun past time and it's great to think of all of these ideas. 

I've read a lot of YA and just classic fiction, but I find it really hard to read now a days with all of the things I've thrown myself into. It's unfortunately taken the back burner of everything. I've gotten a little bit better since I started this blog about one or two years ago, but it's still really hard to balance these out. 

Now I don't want to make this too long, but I'm always open to discussion. If you want to talk to me as two people who love cosplay or books or someone who wants to know if I enjoy [insert thing here], I am always welcoming. I love talking to people, even though I'm heavily introverted. If anything, you can always contact me through my Goodreads page, my twitter, my tumblr, email, anything really!