Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An Ode to The Leviathan Trilogy • Get Offa That Slump!

Before we get to this wonderful post, I'll give you a quick summary of what Get Offa That Reading Slump! is. Officially it's named Get Offa That Reading Slump Blogging Extravaganza. It's being hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf and it's going on right now, the month of March! If you're interested, head on over to the intro post and join on in.

Leviathan You have been in a special place in my heart ever since I came across this cover. I'm really upset at how they changed the cover to have character face, but that's not really your fault is it? 

I found you on a random browse through Barnes and Noble and by the Starbucks, you were sitting on a shelf of recently published books. I thought your cover was wickedly cool so I decided to take a gander at your blurb and hey, you drew me in right away. I love alternative historical books and stories plus Deryn sounded like a badass (and she is) so I was already hooked. 

When I purchased you and took you home, I couldn't wait to start on your story. And it was a nice surprise that there were a good amount of illustrations! I love illustrations in books and the art perfectly complemented the writing style and the story you were portraying. If I were to be honest, I looked at all the illustrations before continuing on in the story. 

I'm pretty sure I finished you in about a day or night. I couldn't wait to hop onto the next installment, but alas, it would be a couple of months until that happened. I was also really upset how I missed Westerfeld in an event by about a month (super, super sad).

Lastly, you are probably the only series I have a hankering to re-read. And I hardly re-read... if EVER. So I'm so happy to be so connected to you Leviathan.