Friday, June 17, 2016

Reading Comfort Zones and Moving Away | A Discussion

This year I wanted to try and move away from my reading comfort zones. My reading comfort zones currently lie in fantasy, any book with magic, and books with fey. I find myself being drawn to these books time and time again (even if they're terrible) and while I try to reach out to more genres, I find it to be incredibly difficult. It's probably because I have such an ingrained love for fantasy, magic, paranormal creatures, and just adventure that these books don't have to fight for my interest. If it has magic or anything variation, I'm so here for it. Where as contemporaries or historical fiction novels have to have just that little extra bit of pizazz to gain my interest. 


It sucks especially because I hear so many people that I follow praising these contemporary novels and all of these other novels, but I just can't bring myself to go and read them myself. I've only read maybe three or four contemporary novels (most of which have gotten pretty good reviews from me) and I find it harder and harder to pull myself towards contemporaries. Maybe it's because a lot of the time it takes place in high school and I never really liked high school, haha, but I never really been like "Yeah contemporaries!" 

I think when I was in high school I read a little more of the contemporary style, but I still stuck to a lot of fantasy novels. 


I've tried to fight this by just kind of forcing myself to try a different genre once in a while. In this case it's really hard for me to stay interested and for me to keep reading, but I think I get more pleasantly surprised when it happens to pull me in so quickly. This is probably why the better contemporary novels I've started have gotten pretty high reviews, because I was really afraid to not enjoy the book that I when I did I was super excited. 

What about you? Are you currently trying to move away from your reading comfort zone? What are your comfort zones?