Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Unintentional Hiatus

I know what you're thinking. 
"Where in the world has this girl been?" 
Well two things: 

It's coming to the last four weeks of my semester and everything is tumbling down and hitting hard. I have a final project that consists of me putting on a live show for a grade, language classes, and tests. Along with that I've started my second job and while it's fun so far, I'm probably going to start going crazy by the end of the semester. I've already had one breakdown, I don't really need another one. 

Because of this I haven't been reading ANY blog posts to blogs I've followed, so IDK if anyone will see this post at all. I'll probably start and try to do that tonight since I seem to have some time, but we'll see to be honest. 

So unfortunately, for the next four weeks I'm probably going to keep being MIA. I should have more time during the summer but considering that I'm going to try and cram as many work hours as possible to prepare for my Taiwan trip along with paying my bills on time, it might be also a bit crazy. I haven't been able to read anything books or blog posts. ACK! For when I go to Taiwan I'll probably be reading more (at least on the plane ride over and back) and I'll definitely draft more posts during that time. I don't know how well the wifi is in Taiwan, but if my boyfriend's trip two winters ago is any consolation I'm going to think not very good so I may or may not be able to post these things. Plus it's Taiwan. I'm not entirely sure how their laws work. 

Again, I really apologize for not posting in.... FOREVER, but it's been really crazy. I feel like I can't relax and when I do I feel like I shouldn't be relaxing and I should be doing more work BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE EVERYTHING DONE COMPLETELY AAAAH. 


I should be back up and running by Mid-May. 

Until then I'll try my best to keep on top of the blogs I follow, but mostly I'll be studying and holing myself in my house and my two jobs ; - ;. 

Good luck to everyone with exams and finals!