Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Are You Writing • Link Up

      Hello my loves! Now I've been posting some writing discussion posts lately because I've kind of caught the writing bug. I've kind of gotten into the habit of writing again (even though I don't have enough time -sighs-) and I thought, I'd love to hear what everyone else is writing about. Whether you're doing a research project or you're writing your own novel, I'd love to know! So I'll be hosting a linkup for this month and if you would like, make your own What Are You Writing? post and I will see it along with anybody else who decides to join in on the fun! This link up will run from the 28th of March to the 28th of April so you have a lot of time to write it. If you do decide to join this link up I politely ask that you link back to this post so that more people can join in!
So what do you write about?

     Well you write about what you're writing. Kind of go crazy. Give us as much or as little details possible. This is for you to gush about your writing and about the endeavors of your writing. To have some structure, I'll give you guys some questions that should be in the post. 

What are you writing about?
How's the writing going?
Anything amazing I should be excited about?

     That's it! Simple right? So let me answer my own questions here:

Q. What are you writing about?

   I'll give you the 411 on two stories I'm working on (and maybe a third??). The first one that I'm working on right now is about a girl who's a known thief in her city and her endeavors of discovering what happened to the (presumed) dead Canara family. The Canara's were a very noble family and one year they were all assassinated in one form or the other. So our protagonist Minerva is trying to unravel this mystery after having the lost family jewels of the Canara family in her hands. Dun dun dun! That's the basic plot line for story number 1. The story also has magic and the Canara families were magic users (as are a lot of noble families. Not ALL magic users are nobility, but a lot are). The jewels contain very powerful magic, almost a raw form of it. So there's that too. I'm currently not really sure where I'm setting this periodically, but I do have the idea of tall gothic style buildings--but it's not during the height of the Gothic age. 

    Story number two is something you guys might have heard about. I wrote my Beautiful People post on the two main characters. Kit is a cyborg who has run away from the grips of a human trafficking ring after a particular job goes sour. He is injured in his robotic parts and tries to find a way to be fixed before finally disappearing forever. He breaks into a mechanic's shop and there tries to fix himself up (without any experience or knowledge) and meets Victoria, the mechanic living there. Victoria is sympathetic to his situation and the two of them try to help each other while also trying to stay out of the sight of the gangsters that had Kit in the first place. This is a pretty sci-fi book. It's set in a city called Genesis and cyborgs are nothing unusual. A lot of people who are injured have them or there are people who get them for aesthetics. Victoria is a young mechanic who's kind of an orphan. I say kind of because she has her mother, but she doesn't really talk to her. 

Q. How's the writing going?

     I'm actually already three chapters in with Minerva's story. I haven't written out a huge outline for this story just yet, but I'm doing the thing where I just start writing and see where it takes me. Currently I don't really have the time to go and write down an in depth outline as much as I would like. I would rather start putting the ideas down, than trying to make an outline because there's a huge chance I won't remember where I was going with it in the end. 

    In terms of Kit and Victoria's story... I believe I have a few chapters written about a year ago, but I have to reread them and get myself familiar with the story again to actually remember what I was going to do with it. Unlike Minerva's story, this is a story I really hashed out but of course... I never wrote it down (silly Alexa) so now I'm a little confused as to what I was going with it, but I love Kit and Victoria, so I don't want to get rid of them just yet. 

Q. Anything amazing I should be excited about?

    I've got some kick ass ladies and some great storylines. I'm thinking of maybe putting it up on Wattpad and seeing what kind of reaction it gets. I want to know if people are actually interested in reading the story because as much as I write for myself, I also write so that other people can read the story and while it's fun to just live in my own fantasy for a little while, I want to know that someone else wants to live in that fantasy too. I'm also really excited about the kinds of magic I'm bringing to Minerva's story. I've seen a lot of the same kind of magic being used in YA lately, and I want to bring something new and fresh. Well... it's not exactly new, but it's fresh. 

Now it's your turn. Make a post, link it below so I can see it, and spread the word! I'd love to see what you guys are writing. 

Much love, Alexa.