Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tiredness, Sleep, and Anime Conventions

Hello lovelies. Today is Wednesday so it means I give you a little update in ma life.

First I apologize for not posting a Weekly Review. It's been a really busy first couple of weeks of school and I have to take a lil bit of time to get adjusted to all this... doing. The reason I was able to churn out posts like a boss was because I was at home really doing nothing for the most part hahaha. However, now I have school so that's going to be a bit complicating.

So. Like I said, I started school again and I think it's going well. Taking two languages is proving to be a challenge early on. I have to learn two different alphabets and different grammar rules and stuff. It's tough. Luckily enough I have some grasp of Japanese for being a huge ass weeb for so damn long, but I also just really like a lot of Japanese culture so I've watched movies and dramas. Chinese is proving to be a bit difficult. This is definitely a completely new language and I now know what everyone feels when they learn a completely new language this late in the game. You guys don't know this, but I used to take Spanish at my private school through most of elementary and middle school. So taking any romance language afterwards is super easy! I picked up French really easily (though I'm far from fluent) and I probably won't have such a hard time with the other romance languages as I am with Mandarin right now. But it's okay. I'm stepping up. I'm determined guys!

But this is all costing me sleep...which is why I haven't been really active in the community. I've hardly enough time to tend to my own blog and I try to catch up, but I'm taking five or six classes and that's a lot of homework. Plus I take the bus so it just tacks on another hour or so. I've been so tired lately I don't know how I'm functioning, to tell the truth.

However. This weekend I'm getting a kind of vacation for a little bit! I'm going to an anime convention in my area for four days. I'm actually a staff so I have to be there to see things through and I'm actually the head of my own department (department of two meaning there's literally one other person than I) so what that means is I have to also look over certain things to make sure they're okay. AH! There are a lot of things that kind of went awry, but hopefully things work out and I don't spend half of the con stressing out.

How have you guys been?

'til next time, lovelies!