Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Currently Reading (Again): The Darkest Part of the Forest

Now I'm a huge fan of Holly Black's books. I got first introduced to her through Tithe or her Modern Faerie Tale series and ever since then I was hooked. I love the dark tones she took with fae and faeries. Though when I first read her novels, I didn't realize how tricky the fae actually were and her books actually kind of thrust me into that. So when I heard about The Darkest Part of the Forest I had to read it.

Now... I got the book through my library when it was first released, but I never finished it. Life got a bit busy, but I'm kind of on track again, so I went back to reading it. So far I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I still love the dark but also mischievous tone the fae have in this story. In Tithe the story is more dark, but here the far are described to be good and bad or rather in between.

I like how this story is turning out and of course while the fae are dangerous, they are also incredibly hot.