Wednesday, September 16, 2015

May become inactive?

Hey guys, I've given it a little thought and I might stop posting on this blog. I started this blog for the fun of reading and reviewing and such and I thought I would get into a fun new community, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Most of it is not putting myself out there too much, but also it's that this is a community that appealed to me about 5-6 years ago, when this community didn't really exist.

Now I've kind of grown from that age and I'm definitely into more things. I definitely have fun reading for pleasure, but I don't think I'll be part of this bookish community. I'll just enjoy books when I have the time OTL.

It's been hard to try and keep this blog updated, especially with what's been going on with my life. Perhaps, when my life gets a bit less hectic, I'll be able to pick this up again, but for now it's on hold. I won't be making this blog inactive, but my activity will be nonexistant? If that makes sense? lol.

Essentially, I'm leaving this as an open door so I can come back if I feel the need to again.