Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Mumbles: The Investment

Monday Mumbles is a feature on this blog where I make discussion posts about my thoughts and opinions about books and book blogging. 

When I was reading books in middle school and high school, I kind of just binged-bought books at Barnes and Noble. I stacked books upon books and threw some manga in there to take home and start reading straight away. I shocked my mom by racking up anywhere from $50-$90 at the register. Now that I'm working and earn my own money, I'm pretty stubborn about purchasing my own luxuries, so now I realize just why that kind of shocked my mom (sorry, mom!).

Books at Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, or any place that sells physical books at full market value are kind of expensive. Paperbacks can be anywhere from $5.99 and usually I see YA or NA in the more $9.99 range than $5.99. As of right now I pretty much get all of my books from either Book Outlet or Thrift Books, because it's just so much cheaper. I'm also leaning towards getting more ebooks. No matter how much I love physical books, I just can't afford it. 

The money is probably the biggest thing that kept me from stopping my book blogs. It was too expensive to have a continuous amount of material coming out with reviews and such, that I just didn't feel like investing the time in it either. I just read to read. Perhaps I'll start applying for ARCs and free books (this is also why you'll see me tweeting a lot about giveaways. I don't have the money!). 

Now some people might say things like, "Then go to the library" or "then why do you do it?" 

"Then go to the library"

Easy. I am absolutely terrible about turning books back in. I'm so used to buying and keeping my own books, that I forget to return them to the library so I rack up obscene library fees. It's terrible! I know! But do you see why I buy them now? I have over 600 books in my own personal library and that's just because I forget that I have to give them back

"Then why do you do it?"

Well, it's just fun to do. Even if I might be halted because I don't have enough money to buy tons and tons of books like I know some people can, I'll still try my best to keep up. I also don't get approached by authors and publishers (yet) to review books so it's up to me to do it haha. I like looking through people's blogs and seeing what they think and it's also just fun to read through what's been going on in their lives. 

I know this is a quick Monday Mumbles because I've lost my momentum again, but here it is. I constantly have trouble funding my book addiction. Does anyone else?