Monday, March 7, 2016

Skipping Blog Posts • A Discussion

Ack okay. Before I send myself into a ditch, let me start off by saying: I don't like skipping blog posts. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on something. However, there are sometimes posts where I think I wouldn't be interested in them or I wouldn't really like them, so I just kind of... skip over them. 

I don't particularly like skipping posts, but sometimes I just read a title for a post and I think 'oh they're reviewing a book I'm not a huge fan of' or 'that discussion post doesn't really interest me that much' so I just tend to skip right over them and move on to the next. I tend to do this a lot with book reviews more than discussion posts because most of the discussion posts I see on my feed or in my email are really interesting and I love having my input. I still kind of feel guilty when I skip over them.

On the one hand, is it really worth reading posts that I feel I won't be greatly interested in? On the other, what if I find something completely new and cool in something that I wasn't interested in too much in the beginning? It's such a coin toss for me. There have been a couple of times where I decided to read a post I wasn't too intrigued in or it was a YA Contemporary Romance that I wasn't too impressed with--and I've come out of it thinking something different. But most of the time if there's something like a super Romance novel being reviewed, I won't read it. (Strange I know since I've said multiple times I liked romances)

Have you skipped a post from someone because of the title or contents? Did you feel guilty?