Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Currently Reading: The End Games

So right now I'm reading The End Games by T. Michael Martin and, to be honest, I haven't gotten that far. Yesterday I was at a seven hour shoot in the cold, cold air and I couldn't really stop to read and Monday I was trying to catch up on all the blogging that I've missed (a post will be up on my personal blog).

However, after about nineteen pages, I already don't know how I feel about this book. The pacing is a bit slow for me considering the subject matter. Which is really, really strange considering how it starts smack dab in the middle of a scene from The Walking Dead. I just felt like it was going too slow and not the tension-building-oh-dear-what's-gonna-happen slow. Just really slow.

This could also be because I've been reading it before I'm trying to go to bed, but funny enough, it made it easier where as usually books make it harder if I'm super engaged. I'm still going to keep reading and see how I feel about it. I'm really into Post-Apoc type of stories and have been meaning to get more into them. Hopefully the story changes.

How about you guys? If you've read The End Games, how did you feel about it when it started out? Should I look forward to the rest of the book? Do you have any Post-Apoc books you think I should read? Let me know! I'm super interested!