Friday, December 26, 2014

Wrapping up and Goals for 2015

          Even though this blog is super, super new, I still want to outline some things I look forward to in 2015. I plan on really dedicating myself to reading more and indirectly working more toward this blog and then to the YouTube channel I plan on starting in January. So here we go!

Books, books, and more books!

         This past year I've been getting over my first taste of college education as well as throwing myself towards my major, and then on top of all of it, getting a job. However, I plan to balance the best I can with trying to read as many books as I can this year while also handling a job, being a theatre major, and also completing my cosplays.
          To help me with this I'm going to be combining two things I came across: a 2015 book challenge and a TBR jar challenge! I found the 2015 book challenge over here and the TBR Jar Challenge over at Kat's YouTube video. What I'm going to do is take all of the challenges from the 2015 book challenge over at PopSugar and put them in a jar like Kat's TBR Jar. Every other week I'll pull out a strip from the jar and either find a book in my TBR pile and read that or go out and find a new book!
          Along with those books I'll be participating in the Bouts-of-Books 12 read-a-thon as well as the 2015 Debut Author Challenge! I'll be making a separate post for all of the challenges I seem to have stockpiled for this coming year ^ ^;.


          I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but now that I kind of seem to have more control over my life after entering the "adult world", I'm really going to push myself to pursue it! I'm planning on posting a small trailer video late this month and then a new video in early January, hopefully the first week. It'll be a crazy week since I have family gatherings on New Year's and I have a con that I'm staffing a couple of weeks after that, oh boy.


         Since I spoke about cons, I'm going to speak about cosplay. I do cosplay and I find it great fun to be at cons in costume (and sometimes in character)! I'm planning on churning out new costumes for the con I will be going in early January as well as the big one (Anime Expo) in July! I also would like to attend Wondercon and Long Beach Comic Con as well (SDCC is a dream beyond the horizon at this point). Perhaps I'll post my weekly cosplay updates along with just weekly updates.


        Finally, blogging. I really plan to dedicate myself towards this blog so I'll be trying to participate in link-ups (such as Top 10 Tuesdays) as well as just finding something to post about every day. Before this, I've been on Tumblr mostly and even though it's considered a microblogging platform, it's a lot different to... well actual blogs. It'll be an interesting experience, but I plan to go ahead and jump into the deep end. For now I have book reviews planned out (obviously) as well as weekly updates I'll be posting either on Sundays or Fridays, which ever seems simpler.

All in all, I plan on doing a lot of things this next year! I hope you'll come with me on my journey.

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  1. Wooohooo take your time and enjoy blogging my dear! I'll admit, I struggled towards the end of the year, what with the holiday season taking up so much of my time. And there's always the issue of balance but in the end, it's so worth it. You get to meet some AMAZING likeminded people and I think the community is the best bit. I hope you enjoy every single bit of the journey.

    Good luck with book tube!